Logistics & Facility Management

Comprehensive Support

ISI’s proven approach to logistics and facility management support combines seasoned experience, obtained through extensive and varied past performance, and industry best practices. ISI is committed to completing every program or project on time and on budget through optimizing resources (inputs) and maximizing results (outputs). ISI’s versatile customer-oriented approach delivers customized solutions based on a comprehensive understanding of an agency’s unique needs.

Our management philosophy not only demands that we deliver on our promises and commitments, but our “down in the trenches” solidarity with our customers facilitates discovery of new, emerging needs and enables a model for anticipatory service delivery.

Comprehensive Furniture Management

ISI’s furniture management and project planning services deliver turnkey solutions that satisfy an organization’s specific furniture and furnishing-related requirements. ISI works side-by-side with its customers to formulate the project’s detailed plans and associated documentation. As a result, cost effectiveness through efficiency is achieved. Our furniture management team complements, rather than duplicates efforts warranting maximum value relative to costs.

Our Services

  • Project Management Plans
  • Develop Workspace & Furniture Requirements
  • Workflow Evaluations, Design Solutions
  • Space Planning
  • Vendor Coordination

Facilities Management

Effective facilities management ensures your people are able to perform and that your mission is achieved. ISI’s facility management approach functions at two levels: strategic and operational. The strategic, focusing our clients and staff on organizational impacts, space-impacted services and costs related to the overall facility plan. The operational, addressing the functions governing the efficient and cost-effective day-to-day management of the facility.

Our Services

  • Relocation Planning
  • Project Administration & Quality Assurance
  • Schedule & Budget Development
  • Staff Communication
  • Move Logistics & Implementation
  • Technology Transition Management
  • Transportation
  • Quality Control & Reporting
  • Post-Move Support & Coordination

Relocation Management

ISI’s skilled relocation management teams brings over 20 years of experience and is highly regarded throughout the National Capitol Region for delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions to the issues associated with relocations. Our team consistently provides a seamless integration, manages the flow of information and documentation to ensure it’s shared among the various disciplines and promotes team interaction that drives collaboration between decision-makers and the Project Team.

Our Services

  • Space Utilization & Planning
  • Facility Maintenance & Support Services
  • Facility Operations
  • Real Estate Management
  • Health & Safety

Asset Management & Inventory Control

ISI provides the management, maintenance and inventory control of an organization’s physical asset resources. Our team supports the customer in providing an effective plan and actionable process for maintaining its asset inventory, personnel and operations. Our team’s approach is to develop efficient and cost-effective management strategies in managing and protecting asset resources.

Our Services

  • Property & Asset Management
  • Planning & Coordination
  • Inspection, Inventory Control & Reporting
  • Tracking & Accountability
  • Warehouse Property Management
  • Field & Information Systems Support
  • Lifecycle Management Support
  • Excess Property Decommissioning & Disposal Management

Mail Management Services

ISI’s provides the management experience and presort services to its clients that enables them to maximize postal discounts. ISI subcontracts with large, national presort facilities to leverage Mail Exchange groups which not only optimizes the speed and effectiveness of the process but also allows for the creation of the largest mail pools possible, facilitating even deeper discounts.

Our Services

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Inventory & Barcoding
  • Mail Presorting
  • Mail Management